The easiest way to in shape y’all wanted travel vlog going to Emma’s in Alberta, comes visit family to you, guys with me tip number one. Hydration hydration station is still early. If you’re, not buying defensive water bottle and bringing it empty, so you can get through security.

So you, don’t have to put plastic water bottles. You’re, failing their life to board in ten minutes. So I’m, not a mission to find them walking a lot. This is fences terrible attempted to find my caped, so I missed it because I was sprinting on that, like walking, escalator thing and just sprinted right past my gate, most embarrassing thing in my life happened.

I was checking my bags. I get through the line. The guy’s like man, your headphones, that I forgot. I had my air pot in my one because I only have one I ran over the other of my car, but all my stuff ready gone through the like whole thing.

So they do. I have to put this in the box and then yes, the looks I got from people while I held up a vine to put what not you, one air pot in a whole binge go things. What do I bring? I just bring it empty water bottle.

They fill with water and I always on my way there bring a meal this. The only thing I’ll, ever Pat don’t want to spend money on Airport food. I always spend money on Airport snack because, I always say won’t, but I do a scientific fact.

Your tastebuds are needed in the air, and so he might as well just eat healthy. While you’re on the flight and then have fun at your destination, because airport food is always weird, I’m still not hungry.

I’m, probably faster in a couple hours, because if you eat too early, I find you just do that. Crap on the plane, whole-grain blueberry protein pancake and I’m gonna get a monster because of these crazy hours.

[ Music ] see is that the P hundred times so here’s, my trick it’s. My brother say hi. I’m, going to be eating out a lot and my mom’s gone. So we’re in charge of the groceries, because just us that we’re fending for ourselves, grocery home, try some trail mix cold remains dead Fitness Health.

We’re chopped leaf, which is like a build-your-own salad bowl place that’s. Some corn, salsa pita chips, dressing, chicken, veggies and shrimp, salad or just looks like crap. Like you all the pics we have of us as a kid.

Is this one me? I think this is me always this you there’s me in him what he was just an ugly alien. This is me, I resist you. Oh this is golden OOP there bad bad cake. She sent more photos. Currently, my mother, we’re gonna move to cross country just hit it all proof of my existence back to anyone who’s.

Traveling wants to be healthy, yeah every girl sure has one of these. You buy a big bench play, it is put on the table a to snack on it. It’s, easy and it’s prepared and it’s ready to go, and I’m, not about the plastic, but you’re, not on vacation every day, instead of chips.

But you can also have a few chip’ti chips, multigrain ones, the easiest way to stay in shape. When you’re on vacation, you just walk everywhere. Save money get explore the city, it’s, something very human nature.

To just like go and explore for me personally in Emmet, — n, i don’t really need to explore. I lived here my whole life, but I always shrank old walks with my mom. It’s, a really good time that we could just like be away from technology.

Everything just get some movement in our day and just like bond a little protein boss, snack and healthy fats and protein no name brand, but it’s. A name brand, but all rights bar they’re, touched upon in Canada.

Last night I went to cactus Club. If it’s a place, I’ve, been to a bunch of times. Is I just go for the healthy options out like a tuna pokeball, which is an awesome option at Cactus Club? It’s like higher in calories.

Think I’m, not trying to eat low calorie. You have to feel your body core is lit on the side, the healthier options most the time and then what’s a restaurant? I really want that’s. What I swear to out into PO taga Thursday and like that’s, one of my favorite Italian places in mton.

I don’t, try and make it healthy. Like so good traveling is I don’t, try and be like. Oh, I’m trial. Every meal is gonna be bad. I’m, like no. The meals that are gonna be really exciting and memorable.

I go and splurge everything else. I tried you the healthy option. Another thing I like to do try and find a fitness class. Try something new. Now this isn’t new for me, because I’m, obviously from mton, but why’d? You cycles my favorite spin studio.

I’m, going with my girlfriend Amy and then we’re gonna go to KB & amp Co, the speaking place in mton and guys, if you ever go, it is the most amazing place. I haven’t. Looked at him waited so long to spin bull call I’ve.

Had that like they try, as do you think I’m gonna pick this up, that’s, why I said [ Music, ], simple, not the best, not the worst friendly reminder from your friendly neighborhood fit check. Go get your blood work done and my family doctors there, and so I went.

It was just like check this, and this and this other my vitamin C. What is my calcium one of my thyroid? What does it all at best way to stay? On top of your health is just go, get a yearly blood work done.

If you can, for my blood pressure, guys, look at those numbers. I know it’s on the lower side, but I’ve always have. I know I do these crazy challenges, but I check on my health. We good we very important when you’re on vacation.

You don’t drink your calories, but what you can have, instead grape juice, potato smoothies and wheat pop somebody, hangover care was to make a nutrients of protein. My brother got some chicken and then we split a pizza, because this is all about bounce.

We got the micros, we got the macros and then we also got this soulful food. Before I watch a movie rice, Chuckie Cheese controversy, it’s very Monday. I headed home. I checked out walk box to the airport to get supper.

I got a fortune cookie, I didn’t actually good fortune. I just want a free spin roll that was cool, but it was just a whole bunch of veggies and I am back from Emmet in a completely empty fridge. Just literally have eggs from that child and some berries I picked up – I just want to quote: lay some chips and salsa a chicken salad bowl that’s.

Usually they might go to a they’re, getting like a rice bowl or I get a burrito. I’ll, get a salad and Shep. What works for me, if you need lower calories, just get the salad and protein avocado is good for you.

It’s, not the most exciting it’s, not the most nutrient dense thing in the world, but it’s. Good some nutrients and that’s. What I’m doing before all my groceries, so that’s, usually how I stay in shade.

Don’t like really fluctuate and weight a lot when I travel choose healthy meals, try exciting new, healthy meals. If it’s, going to be an exciting meal that you’re really excited about get the meal enjoy.

It savor it and move on, try and move everyday walk, explore. Try new kinds of Fitness go swimming dive in the water right on the beach exciting news guys you’ve been asking April. We caught me stay tuned, so if you’re new here feel free to hit subscribe, join along this crazy journey, as I take on the world and a pair of stretcher pads, and thank you for tuning in, like always go pet, a dog.

I love you guys.

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