Feels good, I had a one-night stand: bad representation. Who am I I slept my pores phone phone. What happened last night Amy on a scale one to 10? How much should I not check my messages, checking credit card statement? I’m still wearing yesterday’s, clothes.

What have I become straight sign that drunk help me? Probably hiding yourself cheers to drug guilty. Oh great, that’s been sitting out for last eight hours. You were fun last night, friends off I’m allowed.

I, when I’m hungover nectars of the Gods, that’s. What I’m hungover is when I ‘ Ll always have to have energy drinks, errands done uh healthy eating full day in the life. I’m coming at you with day in the light, hungover try and be semi healthy, a hangover tactics.

This is my Sunday shambles fix this. First, we check in the liter water hole either we’re, not leaving till this is gone. I count the O’Connor, now vouch that I will drink a minimum eight of these today, because if I do nothing productive all day at least I can tell myself I made my bed Alexa.

How am i doing without light? Sorry, I’m, not sure you and me both that is made now. I’m just gonna lay here for a minute. Oh, nothing feels good next step we no longer in clothes and make it appear. Like I had a one-night stand, your skin is your largest organ treated it real bad and left.

All this makeup on. You got ta appreciate the small successes, one hungover like last night. I didn’t sleep with my contacts in. I am such an adult. This shamble makeup hair done when just your makeup, doesn’t work and your hair doesn’t work like this.

Alfalfa sprout is back this sums up being hungover bad. At least I feel a bit better on the inside. I’m dying the day before I go, o buy one of these and just having my fridge that’s, nice and cold. We got some extra hydration in it.

We got some extra micronutrients, oh right, curry, coming crazy, but one of the biggest things I always do up open it is this week go on a walk outside in the cold air. It feels good. You get some movement in some extra exercise, a shuttle in my system and refreshes me how’s, it going stranger.

I couldn’t recognize you lovely Canadian weather. This is actually it feels great get some movement. It’s. A good way to get movement in not too hard, just really refreshing, but also freezing chipsets.

On this side there [ Music ]. My life is in shambles. I’m, not hungry, probably because I ate pizza late at night and there’s. Still a bunch of food in my stomach am hungry, but my stomach feels kind of full.

A smoothie is really good. I get a bunch of nutrients in because I feel very jam-packed a bunch of nutrients in here I apologize. I was gonna film, this beautiful scenic thing walking down by the lake, but it’s.

Freezing outside stay tuned for summer. I’ll, make sure to bring you on a Sunday shambles adventure in the summertime. I feel nauseous right now, when you’re feeling nauseous when you’re hungover, sometimes not eating work.

Some people – I just know for me, usually just means it not enough sodium Sunday shambles my biggest craving, I’m hungover best thing. The best hangover cure that semi healthy eggs benedict with smoked salmon.

We are off to cost, which is the most beautiful restaurant, to go there and get eggs benny, but you need pancakes on the side because soul, food refuel, your soul. After a noted, drinky and you announce when they’re hungover just lay on the floor.

It’s really cold and it feels good. I try and be mentally productive at this point, get my agenda together. It just takes next to no effort, but then I feel like I’m being productive. I’m gonna have a nap because sleep is important and I didn’t get any sleep last night, so many my problems is so painful.

Oh yeah, you should do this. Oh, my gosh, so taste, another healthy hangover, thing, foam roll, it’s, been laying here watching Game of Thrones reruns. Do you need that if you got a puppy, you should be cuddling with it right now, Keltie, who are you cuddling about theater? I don’t plan, a big workout for when you’re hungover, just don’t.

Do that yourself plan for it to be a rough day. You do stuff that doesn’t. Take much mental pasady like to go out on Saturdays and have Sunday be my crappy human day. I just go walks. I eat in a way that feels good for my soul and for my body you’re watching Netflix guilt, free guilt.

Last number. 361, oh, oh, my god, I’m just trying to be hydrated very confident, go to spots when hungover Napoli’s, my safety net. When I’m hungover brain-dead, I don’t want to thank saying greasy, but helping Chipotle is kind of that in between it’s, not the best for you.

It’s, not the worst chips with salsa knock walk. That would make it healthier because avocado fat is good for you um this girls. Look, I barely know me so what you gonna do that as I sit here editing this video, I’m convinced this is a conspiracy theory.

Chipotle knows I’m, not paying extra for guac this salsa attacked June Dawson. I’m coming for conspiracy theories like I’m graceful, a ton of salsa extra salsa extra salsa of heeda’s; chicken beans, brown rice – that is my go-to ball 50/50.

Sometimes they get the burrito and when it’s, not Chipotle option number two pizza, I don’t know if it’s Piko or Pico. I don’t, know it’s like a build. Your whole, it requested lie. Barbecue sauce dripping that job cheap on the veggies bad representation, but this is good pizza.

One of those build your own pizzas, just load on as much veggies, proteins and healthy stuff. So you get your pizza fix. It get some extra nutrient. Actually, no, it’s karma, so you should be in the store being like more veggies.

Less of that and I did ooh BRR eats. I don’t know why I’m, getting making this like a review. Oh, my god, you guys, I can’t even cut this. This I’m, so disappointed Oh, fell down my shirt. This is so saucy sunday shambles comment down below your hangover hack.

Let me know down in the comments. If you want to see more Sunday shambles your stew ideas, love you bye, go pet, a dog go make. You feel better about your life.

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