Hey everyone. Thank you. So much for tuning in this is a 30 minute stretch, practice that is great for all levels, a lot of focus on the hips and hamstrings and back flexibility / relieving tension in your lower back.

So if you need any of that, would you probably do this is a really good stretching series for you wow? I really did not mean to rhyme that, but it came out beautifully. This is actually day 10 of a 21-day flexibility series, full body flexibility series on my subscription site.

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You guys will begin lying on your back with your legs up a wall get comfy and please leave me a comment after you complete this flow, letting me know how you feel if you’re feeling good. I hope you will be and I will see you at the end, so moving on to the next stretch, you’re, going to bend your right leg, so you can place your foot on the wall.

You’re, going to use your hand to bring your knee open and then a little bit closer to your body, so you’re starting to work into opening your right hip. Here your foot is on the wall. You from here you’re, going to take a figure four stretch with your right knee bent and your ankles on top of your left knee to make it more intense, you can bend your left leg a little bit and slide your left foot down.

The wall from here go ahead and extend your right leg up again and bend your left knee. So now your left foot is on the wall and you’re now opening and closing your left hip, starting to warm up your hip rotators here now.

Take that figure four stretch on the left leg left knees bent bend your right knee a little bit slide that foot down the wall go ahead and release out of the stretch. So now you’re. Coming to what I call a frog on the wall.

You’ll Bend both of your knees. Your feet will be on the wall and your knees, probably won’t, come quite as wide as mine, but with time they will. So. Your goal is to feel this in your inner thighs and your groin bring attention to your breath here.

Go ahead and come on out of this bend your knees and you’re, going to start to rotate side to side. So you’re! Dropping your feet over to the right side and you’re. Dropping your feet over to the left drop your feet over to the right drop your feet over to the left, drop your feet over to the right and left next time you’re on the right side.

Hold there switch sides both feet over to the left. Look to your right come on back to Center, straighten both legs straight up the wall. So this next one may feel like quite the ab exercise, but you’re, going to keep your legs straight.

Alternating side to side reaching up towards your toes and your goal here is to bring your legs closer to your face. Then you are trying to reach to your legs. If you can’t touch your toes that’s.

Okay, just reach, as far as you can keep going right, left right, left, right, left, right, left, relax next posture against the wall and last posture against the wall. You’re, going to let your legs fall as wide as they can to either side again.

Don’t worry if your legs are as wide as mine, or only about 90 degrees apart wherever you are. You’re doing this for yourself, so let your feet fall wide. You should feel this in your inner thighs and your groin.

Maybe hamstrings as well. If it’s too intense, you can scoot further away from the wall or stack up some blocks. Underneath your feet, relax here as much as you can, we’ll, be here for a little over one minute.

Use your hands to pull your legs together for a brief moment rest with your legs straight up the wall, to give you inner thigh as a quick rest then return to your straddle and you’re on the wall. Let your legs fall wide again.

Use your hands to pull your legs together for a second and let them go wide again for the last Holden straddle, bring both legs together and lay on your side for a moment and then go ahead and come on to your hands and knees on your mat.

Next posture is a frog pose, so if you know what frog pose you can, what frog pose is you can jump right into it? We’re, holding the Frog pose for a full three minutes. I’ve, got these little cushions to use under my knees, so set yourself up accordingly, so over the course of the three minutes.

If your legs start to relax, then try to move your knees a little further apart. You should again feel this in your inner thighs, so the hold begins now again relax as much as you can, and I will let you know when our time is over.

As you’re, holding frog bring attention back to your posture. Your knees should be at 90 degrees, and if I’m, looking at you from the side, your hips should be in line with your needs. You go ahead and come out of your frog stretch.

Next up, we have a three-minute pigeon stretch on one side so set yourself up here. You should be feeling it. Let’s, see if your right leg is forward and your outer right hip, as well as the front of your left hip when you’re sitting up, take a deep breath in sit up tall and as you exhale garden, sink forward Onto your elbows, if you can, we’ll, be here for three minutes.

You, your 3-minute mark is up, go ahead and switch sides. You can come through a downward-facing dog first if we need a little stretch and relax. But as soon as you’re ready go ahead and bring your left leg up forward, sit up tall, breathe in for a moment and as you exhale sink into your full posture on this side.

Go ahead and release out of your pigeon and come up into a forward fold with your legs wide. As soon as you’re up there, you’re, going to bend lower down into a deep squat and then send your hips high again bend and lift Bend and lift Bend, lift, bend, lift and lift bend, lift Bend, lift Bend, lift Keep your legs straight, walk both hands over to the right side.

If you absolutely need to you can take your hands on blocks or bend your knees a little bit here, walk your hands over to the other side and then go ahead and bend your left knee and then bend your right.

So you’re. Just singing your hips low here it’s, starting to warm up the legs. A little bit more get them loose from all those long holds, go to the left and go to the right hold Center and then go ahead and come down to the mat.

You’re coming into a wide knee child’s pose, so your toes are relatively close together. Reach your arms forward and your forehead is on the ground: walk your hands over to the right side and ho and lock your hands over to the other side and home.

Come on back to Center. You’re, going to lay on your back. Keep both knees bent your feet are just planted at the edges of your mat and you’re, going to rock your knees side to side. So the key to this one is to be engaging our glutes and pressing your hips up a little bit as you go side to side.

This way, you should feel the stretch in your quad muscles and your hip flexors of each side, so just keep going side to side, really engaging and pressing into each side return to lying on your back and pull your right knee into your chest.

You’re, going to take your right hand on your ankle so that your leg can follow open to the side. So your knee is still bent. You’re just holding on to the front of your right ankle you from here your right hand.

Can there stay on your ankle or move to the bottom of your foot for a half happy baby come into a twist, your right knee will fall to the left and you’re. Looking to your right. Return to Center now pull your left knee into your chest.

You’re, going to come into that same stretch, where your left hand is on your left ankle your knees bent and hip open to the side. You come into the half happy baby, with either your hand on your ankle or hand on your foot now on this left side and release that coming to twist, your left knees to the right and you’re.

Looking to your left, you go ahead and release out of that twist and for the final stretch today, you know what it is set up. Your blocks, either both on the low setting or the one that’s beneath your shoulder.

Blades can be a little bit higher if you’re now becoming more flexible, settle yourself in, and you’re here for about two minutes so enjoy this. If you’d, like to add a hip opener, you can keep your the bottoms of your feet together and let your knees fall wide.

Your arms open either side, and I will guide you out at the end of this practice. For the last min of this whole option to reach your arms up over your head for a deeper shoulder stretch, gently release out of the stretch, remove the blocks from behind your back and then lay right back down in your back.

Your knees are bent and your knees are together. This is a really awesome posture for relieving any stress and your low back and you tension. You’re holding there. So after the back bending and all the stretching, we just did it’s, always good to bring your back back to or your spine back to a neutral position hold here for 30 seconds and look at that.

You have completed this 30 minute stretch series again. Lots of videos like this are available on Flo with Adi thx TV. If you love this one, which is actually day 10 of a 21-day full body flexibility series, you’ll love those again.

Please leave a comment below like this video subscribe. Show your love, I’ll, see you in the next video

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