Hi friends: this is a super quick and effective glute workout that’s going to give you amazing results in under 10 minutes, we’re, going to firm up and tone that entire backside. So if you guys are ready, grab your mat, let’s.

Do it: [, Music, ], all right friends! We’re gonna get started today in an all-fours position, so bring your hands forward. Your hips should be directly over top of your knees. Now to begin, we’re, going to first.

Take your left leg, bring it all the way up with a knee bent and then from here you’re gonna bring it to the right cross it over, lift it up lower next to the side. So get me a lift, cross, lift and lower lift cross it to the side, lift and lower.

So when you cross, you drop it down over top of that support at knee, and then you lower next to the side, so keep going really finding that power. That’s, strength, lifting the leg from your glute, your shoulders are staying square facing towards the front of your mat, lift and lower, keep going, lift cross, lift and next to the side.

Staying with your breath here each time you lift and kick that leg make sure you work from your glutes, so you want to keep your hips square great, lift it up now hold it here. Don’t drop that leg keep lifting from the knee hips are square and then extend the leg all the way back and pump it.

Two three: four little pumps: five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten more ten, nine eight keep going. Seven, six, five. Four three two one awesome bend the back knee again cross it over and this time I’m gonna do a big circle around lift cross it to the back, lift and circle, lift cross it to the back, lift and circle beautiful.

So keep going targeting different areas of your glute muscle here to really make sure that we’re sculpting and toning, your entire backside, so lifting the booty as well as really defining and strengthening that area of the body.

Okay, keep going lift, ah sit back, lift and circle. The knee around lift cross, lift and circle forward so think as if you’re trying to get that back knee to touch that left. Shoulder in front of you now lift and hold next exercise.

Scorpion tail open and bring it in open and answer just little small movements knee opens bring it back to Center open Center open Center. So you don ‘ T need to worry about opening the knee too far out to the side.

It’s, mostly about a gentle, hip rotation and Center open Center open Center. Keep going recreating that tail of a scorpion you got it now, as your muscle starts to fatigue, do not let that knee drop below the horizontal line keep going last one now bring it back to Center, extend the leg back now, just hold it for me.

You got this now. You’re gonna start to really feel that burn. We’re almost done on the side. You’re gonna give me 20 more pulses with that straight leg, ready! Let’s. Go one two, three, four: five, six, seven, eight nine! You got 10 more 10 pump, it nine eight keep those hips square, six, five, four, three two and one awesome bend the knee and sit back into your Child’s Pose great job.

You guys slowly come back to neutral. We’re, going right over to the other leg, with no break. So now right leg is gonna come all the way up. Keep the knee bent you’re gonna cross, it behind lift it back up and then just drop it to the center lift cross, lift and lower lift cross, lift and lower.

Now, try to touch that knee all the way down when you cross it to the back for us lift and lower. So this is a great way to tone our entire backside without the use of any sort of props or equipment. All we’re using is our own resistance, our own body weight and still getting incredible results in defining and really toning, that in higher backside, lower-body cross, lift and lower.

Now, lift that knee back up and just hold it there for me breathing deeply don’t, let that knee drop and then from here all you’re gonna do is just extend that knee all the way back and you’re gonna hold it there and pump it for twenty two three, four, five, six, seven, eight nine keep going ten more ten keep your hips exactly where they are.

So you’re. Just pumping from the glute engage in your hamstring here as well last two and one awesome hold it. There bend the knee back in now. We’re gonna cross, it back, and then you know bring it up and do a big circle outward to the side with that right, knee, lift it up cross it to the back, lift and circle, lift cross, lift and circle lift cross.

It back lift and circle it around lift cross and circle, lift cross it back and circle, keep going make sure you’re breathing through all of these exercises. Do not hold your breath work the movement with your breath, especially when it starts to get really tough and your muscles start to get fatigued, breathe even deeper.

You got this lift and circle, bring it up now, just hold it there for a second find your breath, and we’re gonna go into our scorpion tail exercise. Alright, so all you’re gonna do is just take that right, knee and just slightly turn it to the side and then back to Center for one just a little open and side for two.

So again that’s side extension. You’re, not fully opening the knee to the side. It’s, just a little bit of a hip rotation and then back to Center open set. So the movement is a little bit more minimal, but the burn and the work is really intense.

So you got this guy’s, breathe through it with me and Center open Center. The main challenge here is to not let your knee drop below that horizontal line so keep it aligned with your back open Center open Center.

Last two and one awesome: you guys extend that leg, keep your hips and shoulders Square and give me 20 pumps up to lift it. 3. 4. 5. Kick it 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. More 10. Don’t, give up 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4, 3.

2. 1 beautiful work, bend the knees sit back over into your Child’s, Pose stretch it out great job. You guys we are almost done. It just got another exercise for you that’s. Gon na really get into your glutes, and then we’re gonna stretch it out so just take a deep breath in in your child’s pose exhale.

Let it go just catch. Your breath feel that nice stretch in the glutes and then come on over into a full plank position. Tuck, your toes under lift into plank or if you want to modify, drop down to your elbows and then from here you’re gonna kick one leg up, bring it to plank other leg up and play keep going, kick and kick now.

Our challenge here is to stay in your plank position. Do not let your pelvis or your back arch or move too much. We’re just working again from the glute muscles firing up your shoulders, your core and your lower body and kick like kick link kick plank.

You’re. Almost done. You got this you guys this is our last push breathe through it. Kick as high as you can from your glue don’t arch, your back when you kick, though, engage your core just kick the leg back and center back Center back center back and Center last few more times breathe through it push through it.

You got it and last two and one awesome guys drop down to your knees and round out that spine into your Child’s, Pose beautiful work, take a big exhale out and just reach over to one side so stretching out one glute.

At a time feeling that deeper stretch through the right side of your body so reach your arms to the left and then reach your arms to the right or do vice-versa. It doesn’t matter, just go over to the side, so you allow one hip to drop a little bit lower, feeling that nice stretch through your glute muscles and then come back to your Child’s Pose take a deep breath in And then roll yourself up into your seated, reaching both arms up to the sky stretch it out and exhale hands to heart.

Awesome work. You guys thanks so much for joining me on the mat for a lower body workout. I hope you have a great rest of your day bye for now, thanks so much for watching. If you enjoyed this class, you can help us out by subscribing to our Channel.

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