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Yoga blocks are an important part of any yoga practice. They help with alignment, create modifications for most poses, and offer therapeutic benefits as well. Yet traditional blocks are just that – square and block-shaped – while your body’s contours are anything but. Bhoga is here to save the day, featuring products that promise effortless alignment. Bhoga is a Sanskrit word for “enjoyment,” or to enjoy all things in life. Bhoga, then, designs yoga props and yoga mats meant to help you enhance but also enjoy your yoga practice with blocks and mats that aid in precision alignment in a gentle, effective way. Let’s find out how.

In this yoga product review we take a look at the Infinity Yoga Block and the Alignment Yoga Mat from Bhoga.

Read the full review here: http://bit.ly/1Rq7kkH

Shop these products at http://bhoga.com/

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