Hey guys and welcome to day 20 at the 30 day challenge. How is everyone feeling so far? I hope you’re, all still feeling really energized and if you are feeling sort, then today is the perfect routine for you.

Today we are going to be going through a really lovely and slow stretching routine, which is going to help to lengthen and strengthen those muscles. Just make sure you’re breathing throughout the entire workout and follow along with me, okay, guys for your stretching routine actually breathe in bring those hands above your heads against a breathing out.

Next, all you’re. Going to do is going to stretch over on one side down set the other arm on this opposite side, their job, let’s. Do that again stretch on over feel that stretch to the side of your body and other side.

Let’s come into a flat back, should feel that lovely stretch at the back of those thighs come up. Let’s. Stretch out to the left side, arms in front come up. Let’s. Take it to the right side, and up now we’re just going to fold all the way down to the floor, touch it gently and come up and make sure you’re, rising on your toes to stretch up so come down.

Touch the floor come up. Let’s. Just hold that position now at the bottom. Just gonna do a quick lunge to one side. Let’s. Take it over to the other. Leg should really feel that inner thighs, never just gonna came into our wife starts gonna squat down just gonna gently rock side to side and releasing those hips and then come up nice and slow.

Let’s, squat back down again stretch. It out now guys I want you to come into a deep lunge now on the floor. Make sure that leads that straightened out has its foot, nice and flexed. Let’s. Take it on over to the other leg again make sure that puts flex that stretched out definitely build up in the inner of your thighs and then let’s come down onto all fours [ Music ], so guys just push back now into a Child’s pose that that ball had some tough floor.

Two three [ Music ] XR. Now we’re gonna take it over to the left side to turn your body ever so slightly. [, Music ] move over to the right side, same position to stretch it out: [ Music, ] extra at the center and roll up nice and slow.

Let’s! Do a couple of cat-cows here guys! You need to arch that back up. If you’re a nice relief to my back muscles, [, Music ] excellent job now I just want you to cut down on to the floor facing me feet together into a cluster by position and just straighten up that back three.

Then it out [, Music ]. Now I’m just going to take one leg out to the side, and all I want you to do is bend over foot flexed. You should feel a really nice stretch again down the side of your body, as well as those thighs right to go back and come up now.

I just want you to bring your hands to the floor with the elbows and just stretch forward. It’s job guys. We’re, just gonna edge a little bit more forward, now calm down a little bit lower, [, Music, ] and then slowly walk back up.

Let’s. Take that straight on over to the other side, so other legs straight out, and we’re just going to bend over to the side, come up nice and slow and then bring those elbows down to the floor in front of you and just take A couple of breaths here: excellent job: let’s edge, that forward a little bit roar come down a little bit lower and then walk yourself back up nice and slow.

Let’s cross our feet now over guys. I just want need to take a couple of breaths here just to yourself just relax the mind: relax the body [ Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music ]. Those are like guys. We’ve done so well with all your exercises.

Is it come back nice and slowly and well done for completing this stretching routine so guys? That is the end of day 20? I hope you really all enjoyed this lovely stretching routine today. If you did, then don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and also give this video a big like for me now.

I all want to hear from you what are three things that you are grateful for today. Let me know in the comments below and remember if you want to get the most out of this challenge, then don’t forget to check out the 30 day meal plan that we have going along with this challenge.

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