Hey, guys today we are going to get those abs burning and working in just seven minutes. I realized the power of short ab workouts a few years ago, and I’ve used some of these proteins in conjunction with a healthy, balanced diet and mine.

To help me transform my ABS from this to this so grab some water and let’s get started, okay, guys to feel your seven-minute ab workout. Today we are doing it to battle style, so you’re, going to be working for a set amount.

It’s, one size, so the first minute we’re going into is a single leg crunch. So all I want you to do is lift your leg slightly off of the floor, alternating between each leg. Every single time you’re crunching up, remember to suck your navel into your spine and exhale every single time.

You crunch up exhale down exhale down, keep those feet nice and pointed excellent. We are resting here now before we go into the next position for the next one. As you can see in the example every single times you are crunchy in.

If you’re alternating between lifting your leg up and lifting your legs straight out, also crunch up and exercise crunch and let the leg down and then alternate between each leg, this workout is going to be perforated targeting the lower abs, as well as The top so again make sure suck that navel into the spine contract your abs and really make sure you are lifting that leg up and then you’re, kicking it out.

[, Music, ], [, Music, ] great work, guys just have a little rest here before we go into the next move. The next move that you will be going into is a crunch, but with your knees apart, so all I need you to do is bring your feet together.

Legs apart and just crunch up, almost like little butterflies exercise. Now, what you’re, going to be doing with your arms, is alternating between having them behind your head and then lifting them straight forward in front of you.

This is going to really help to challenge your core and the stability. So all I want you to do is keep it behind your head, a bit too much for you as a modification, otherwise to follow me and put your arms out in front and mix it between the head, [, Music, ].

Excellent work guys have a little rest here before we go into the next move. Now, for your next app workup, what we’re gonna be doing is laying in a straight position the bombs out all right of our head pool, and you’re, going to write our eyes and clap your hands underneath your legs.

So roll round tap roll back down with the arms. You want to make sure that you’re, doing a circle position so bring it round legs up and clap. Now this is going to really help to engage the entire chord.

It’s because we’re, going to help to work on your stability as you’re. Lifting your legs up, remember to grieve every single time. You bring that knee towards the chest so exhale here and down make sure it’s, a nice and controlled.

If you guys can’t get many reps in that’s, not a problem. Just think about the quality over the quantity. Last job you’ve, earned yourself a little gratitude before we go into the next move: [, Music ].

So for your next app workout, you’re, going to be doing exercise to a sit-up position and touching the outer side of your ankle. So you, alternating between each sides, so you want to roll down, come up in a sit-up position and touch the outside of your ankle again.

This is going to really help to engage the top side of your abs and the twisting action of touching the outer side of the ankle. It’s, going to help to engage the obliques, so roll up, exhale, tap, inhale, [, Music, ].

Rest well done guys. Take a little rest here before we go into the second-to-last warehouse. The obsession today, you’re, going to be doing a Russian twist for your next workout. So I’m sure you guys wan na have to do one so exercise modify.

What you can do is keep your feet on the floor. As I’m giving here and if not, you want to challenge yourself, bring those feet off of the floor and twist to the left and to the right remember to keep that neighbor sucked into the spine, exhale and inhale and do not hold your Breath again, this is gonna really help to target the side of your apps [, Music ] great work guys you only have a wonderful workout to do, and this is a great workout, but targeting the entire area of your.

So what I want you to do is keep your feet on the floor and I want you to balance along the hills. So sorry, zooming is punching to the left and to the right now. This is going to help to tone your arms.

It’s also going to help to engage those ABS. Now, if you guys want to get your heart rate up, I want you to punch harder and faster so pick up. The pace here really punch, give it some force and remember keep that naval sucked into your spine.

[ Music ], you’ve got this come on, keep going couple more yes, and you are done or well done guys for completing this seven-minute ab routine. With me today, okay, so I hope today’s. Video showed you how you can use these exercises to tone your abs.

Did you get through the whole seven minutes? Let me know in the comments below and if you liked this video make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel right now and if you want to achieve your dream body and total body.

Confidence then be sure to join me in my personal training program. Unstoppable, which includes workout programs, set meal plans and mindset. Coaching from me, just click on the link in the description box to get started today: [, Music, ]

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