Yoga can really help ease the body during pregnancy. Yet throughout your pregnancy, your typical yoga practice should become more gentle, mindful, and centered on creating safe, healthy movement that benefits both you and your baby.

Join YogiApproved teacher Carrie Varela in this soothing Prenatal Yoga class to help relax your body, calm your mind, and connect with your baby. Be sure to check out the general tips below for keeping your yoga practice safe throughout your pregnancy.

With Prenatal Yoga, it’s encouraged that you use as many yoga props as possible. For this video, we recommend a blanket, yoga block (or big book), and bolster (or think pillow).

Tips to Keep Your Prenatal Yoga Practice Safe and Effective:

As a general rule when you’re pregnant, it’s best to avoid the following things in your yoga practice:

❌ Yoga poses on your stomach
❌ Supine poses (flat on your back)
❌ Deep backbend poses
❌ Poses or movements that contract the abdomen
❌ Holding poses for longer than 5-10 breaths
❌ Deep twists that compress the abdominal area
❌ Deep forward bends or hip openers
❌ Advanced Pranayama (or deep breathing exercises)

These are general safety tips but be sure to discuss with your experienced Prenatal Yoga teacher and doctor to be sure your practice is safe and effective for you and your body’s particular needs.

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