In this YogiApproved product review, we take a look at 3 yoga wheels from SukhaMat: The Yoga Wheel, the Exercise Wheel and the Mini Yoga Wheel.

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Whether you are new to yoga or an advanced practitioner, a yoga wheel is a useful prop for yogis who want to deepen and explore their practice. You can use a yoga wheel to open up your back and shoulders and help reverse bad posture from prolonged sitting or driving.

Yoga wheels can also help align the spine, open and relax your muscles, and stretch your quadriceps and hip flexors. You can also use a yoga wheel for balancing poses, to build strength and flexibility throughout a variety of muscle groups, and to advance and deepen postures, such as backbends, forearm balances and heart openers.

Here is an overview of each wheel’s details and particular uses:

– SukhaMat Yoga Wheel –
This beautiful work of art is the widest of the three yoga wheels. This extra wide yoga wheel creates a steady foundation, ideal for balancing poses (as featured in the video). The size also offers extra leverage, providing maximum support for going deeper into certain poses. The smooth wood surface is sentiment to its superior craftsmanship.

– SukhaMat Exercise Yoga Wheel –
The Exercise Yoga Wheel is designed for specifically that – exercise! Its outer foam cushion offers plenty of traction, making it easy to use for strengthening and toning exercises. The cushion also provides traction on most surfaces so you can practice with ease virtually anywhere. The attention to detail on this wheel makes it unique and aesthetically appealing. Best suited for intermediate to advanced practitioners.

– SukhaMat Mini Yoga Wheel –
The Mini Yoga Wheel is tiny but mighty! You can tell it’s durable and built to last. The smaller size makes a wonderful beginner yoga wheel. It helps gently guide you into deeper stretches, and the size is ideal for massaging target areas of the body.

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