Welcome everyone. Thank you for tuning in and flowing with me today. This video is a leg day. Recovery flow perfect for all my athletes and weight lifters, who have requested a flow to do after heavy squats, deadlifts or burning out your legs in any way here.

So let’s. Jump right into this. We’ll start standing place the weight in your heels and sink your hips back a little bit, so you can think about as close to a Romanian deadlift form. If you’re into lifting will start to bend the knees and straighten the legs a little more so bend and exhale straighten a little more.

When you straighten really focus on pressing your hips back and bend the knees come for the hips come down. Inhale and Bend exhale straighten, but continue here forward and back forward and back continue to breathe.

Move at your own pace go ahead and hold in that nice flat back position to lift the chest and lower the chest as we take these little movements really focus on keeping your spine as long as possible. Try to avoid rounding.

So this may mean that you come up a little higher and aren’t as parallel to the floor as I am go ahead and release your hands towards the floor and then take opposite. Elbows hang here at least any tension.

You’re holding in your shoulders your neck, your upper back go ahead and shake out a little left and right gently release your hands all the way to the floor, keeping your knees as bent as they need to be to allow your hands to Touch the floor and continue shifting left and right moving your hips up and down just getting any little movements any Wiggles here that help you loosen up warm up into your legs, especially this is your day after your workout.

Your legs are likely very tight here, so we’re, getting them nice and warm go ahead and toe heel. Your feet to the edges of your mat, bend into one knee and then the other continue here. I’m, going left and right shifting the hips side to side.

You go ahead and toe heel your feet a little bit wider and continue the motion you and go ahead and find some stillness in the center. Allow your body to hang here. Maybe you grab opposite elbows or reach towards the shoulders, no need to straighten the knees completely.

You can have a little micro bend here, continue to breathe and relax press your hands into the floor, bend into your knees and press your hips back and lift them up. See you AG hot press back inhale, lift up press back and lift up singing back into a squat form and left bend the knees press the hips back.

Try to keep your knees behind your toes and folds into a wide legged forward. Fold allow your breathing to slow really get deep into those muscles along the backs of your legs. Gently walk your hands over to your left side and through center to your right.

Go ahead and return to Center start to walk your hands out forward. So they’re directly under your shoulders and then a little bit further. So you can lean forward pick your heels up, balance on your toes and then walk back single low into that back squat.

So try that again feel free to watch and try on your own walk your hands forward, lift up high onto your toes and exhale as you walk your hands back sink your hips low. For that deep squat continue! This movement walk the hands out forward, lift up onto your toes stretch out the back of your legs, strong to the shoulders and sink back low for that deep squat continue on your own time here.

If it feels good for you to stay in that forward, position or the backwards position for a little longer by all means, do that listen to your body. The next time you’re in that squat go ahead and hold there keep sinking low.

The hands are on the insides of the feet, so that elbows are on the insides of the knees or the shins and take some little rock side to side. Really pressing into the outer hip and opening up the inner hip go ahead and toe heel.

Your feet out towards the edges of the mat, your toes facing out and your heels in handstand forward. As if you’re coming into the arm, balance crow pose, but the hands are a little bit wider. So what actually uses to facilitate a deeper stretch along the hips and the inner thighs, allow your knees to rest on the backs of your arms and, as you lean forward, they’ll, open a little bit more once you feel like you’ve gotten a good stretch there see if you can lift back up and find some balance in Garland pose, go ahead and take your hands behind.

You sit all the way back down your mat ankles cross and we’ll, draw some little circles with our hips here on the floor. Now, if your glutes are sore, you should definitely feel this. We’re, pretty much using the floor as a foam roller here, so you can do this same exercise on a foam roller and it feels amazing if you’re sore, though you should feel the same benefits from doing these rolls on The floor go ahead and switch directions if you haven’t already, [ Music, ] and rock side to side instead of circles.

Well gently release, sit up tall, find your butterfly pose soles of the feet together. Knees come wide. Take your hands around your ankles or your shins, and find some little bouncing movements with the knees you may find that when you come to this, your knees are very high up towards your body as mine are here, as you said, in your hips, relax and open Up and you gain more flexibility from practicing stretching your knees will come closer down towards the floor, so you can actually use your elbows to actively press your thighs open to either side take some time here to sink into the stretch, inhale lifting and exhale pressing deeper.

We’ll gently release. All the way up. Take your legs out in front of you, lift your right knee to your chest and across the left side of your body for a twist here. So first we’ll, pull that knee and give it a big hug.

Is it up nice and tall? Your left elbow will come to the outside of your right knee to take a twist towards your right. As you take this twist. Think of and long getting through your spine and initiating the twist from your navel, a nice long line here, go ahead.

Return to Center. Take your right foot. In your left hand, we can rock it out a little here open up that hip joint, also an option to come into half happy baby by taking the right foot in your right hand and pulling your knee up close to the outside of your rib cage.

And we will start to work into the left hand, string a little more deeply right. Foot comes down to the floor. Wherever is comfortable, as you stretch out forward over that front leg, you and gently release all the way out same stretches on the other side left knee to chest and across your body, give it a big hug and then we’ll begin to stretch And twist on over to the left side, [ Music ] gently return to center.

Take your left foot in your right hand rock it out a little opening up through those hip, rotators and half happy baby on this side. Finally, release your left foot to the ground stretch out over your right leg and release all the way back up to your butterfly souls the feet and towards one another and begin to pull your knees in towards your chest.

Give them a big hug in tuck. Your chin in towards your chest and will begin to make your way to all fours shoulders, aligned over the wrists and hips over the knees. You can depress your hips back towards the back of the room, a little more keeping a slight arch in your back as you lean to your right side and to your left side inhale.

The gaze up and exhale round out take any little movements here that feel good. Loosen up your spine got everything nice and warm. You can take traditional cat-cows, take any little circles or side to side movements that feel good to you.

I’m, leaving this part up to you guys, take one more full breath in and I exhale sink back closer towards a child’s, pose keep it active, continue to press through your palms and go ahead and bring yourself up to Standing on your knees, we’ll begin working.

Our lunge series here so take your left knee forward and your right knee down. If it bothers you to have your knee flat down on your mat, I’d, suggest rolling up the edge of your mat like I just did here and find yourself in that same position.

You can also grab a blanket or even kneepads, once you find that lunge go ahead and rock forward and back warming up into your right, hip flexor. Now don’t stretch too extreme, quite yet just keep rocking back and forth and once you feel all right rest into that forward.

Position hands come to the top of the left thigh or the left knee begin to bring your hands forward and toe heel. Your left foot out a little more to the left as you bend and straighten your back knee now, we’re working.

A little more deeply into that right, quad, if you’d, like a deeper stretch here, keep that right, leg bent and reach your left arm back for your right foot continue to breathe here and release that back foot all the way down toe heel.

Your left leg to the center on the midline of your body and rock back option to sit your hips back on your right foot or stay high goal of the stretch is a stretch into the left hamstring, so wherever you feel it in your left hamstring.

I vote that’s, a good stretch here and release our forward continue to rock forwards and back working, the hip flexor on the forward motion and the hamstring on the backward motion. We’ll, bring ourselves back to standing on our knees and switch sides, so the right knee will come forward and start those little lunging motions forward and backwards.

You [ Music ], go ahead and hold forwards, walk your hands. The top of your right leg lean forward, take your hands on the inside and your foot toe heals itself to the outside, of your mat begin bending and extending that back leg and for a more intense stretch, keep that back leg bent and reach over with your Right hand for your left foot: [, Music, ], you [, Music, ], release the back foot and begin to sink your hips back for the hamstring stretch again option to stay high or sink your hips.

All the way down slide your front foot back a little stretch over your right, hamstring, [, Music ] go ahead and lift up lunge forwards and backwards working hip flexor on the forward and hamstrings on the back, bring yourself all the way back up to standing on Your knees and we’ll, begin to sink down getting a little deeper into our quads.

So the goal here is to be able to sink the hips all the way to the floor, with the feet to either side. So I’ll turn so that my backs facing you. So I can show you a little more. How that looks if you’re sitting on your heels, you want to take your feet a little bit wider, set your hips and sink all the way down between your feet.

Now, if this is not accessible or comfortable at all to you, it should be a little bit uncomfortable. But if you’re in pain here, I would recommend taking a block sitting up on it. You can also use a pillow or a bolster whatever you have around the house, even a stack of books prop you up a little bit higher so that’s, where we want to be find somewhere that’s, comfortable sitting up tall And if you already feel a stretch in your quads right there, I recommend staying there stay there until it doesn’t feel like a stretch anymore.

If you want a little more go ahead and walk your hands behind you and when you do that, pick up your hips squeeze your glutes tilt your pelvis a little bit under, so you’re, engaging your lower abs! If you want even more, you can lower on to your elbows again squeezing the glutes lifting the hips and pressing them forward will really activate the stretch into the quads.

If you are not using the block and want to come all the way down, you can drop your hips towards the mat, bring the backs of your shoulders all the way to the mat again once you’re here, continue to squeeze the glutes actively Press the hips up towards the ceiling you can either take your hands along your hip flexors, as I am here polling and manually, stretching them take a few breaths as you relax into the stretch, [ Music ], to come out, walk up on to your forums.

Once again, press into your elbows and press into your hands, lift yourself back up to the seated position and we’ll, find our way into seated on our heels gently release yourself. All the way on to your back for the remainder of this flow will give our back a nice release, pull your knees in towards your chest and rock out gently left and right.

So you feel your low back pressing strongly into the mat hold your right knee into your chest as your left leg goes long and if it feels good to rock out the knee left and right. Take that motion, half happy baby lying on your back, so option to reach for ankles toes or even the inside of your thigh bring your right ankle to the top of your left leg for figure four stretch for a bit of a double-whammy stretch.

You can also extend your left leg high towards the ceiling get into that hamstring, as well as the right hip. We’ll, take a twist on over towards the right, so the right leg will wrap tightly over the left.

Pick up the hips a little drop, the left tip down in the middle and allow the knees to fall to the side. Gently return to center pull both knees in a chest then hold on to the left. Extend the right long.

Take those left to right motions with the left, knee Shh, open up for half happy baby on the left side and the left heel will come to meet the top of the right thigh for figure four again: option to extend the right leg up towards the ceiling For hamstring stretch, release the right foot to the floor, cross the left leg tightly over the right pick up your hips drop them along your midline and allow your knees to fall towards your right for a twist [ Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ] begin To bring yourself back to centre unwrap your legs and extend both feet up towards the ceiling, go ahead and flex and extend your ankles roll them out a little.

If that feels good, both legs up but pull your left leg in closer and then your right leg switch back and forth a couple times pulling left and pulling right, keeping your ankles flexed your feet, flexed and pull both legs in towards you.

You have a big stretch in syncing the knees wide of your ribcage for a happy baby. Now that we’ve stretched, half happy baby, a bunch of times time to stretch full happy baby, keep your back as flat as you can to the mat.

Your hips low, your shoulders low and if it feels good to rock out left and right, like I’m doing here – that’s. An option bring your happy baby into a reclined butterfly, pose and release your feet wide on the mat knees bent and allow your knees to fall towards the right for an added quad opener.

Take your right heel over the outside of your left, knee [ Music ] gently switch sides keeping your feet where they are an option to take the left heel up and over the outside of the right knee [ Music, ] gently return to center.

Keep your feet wide, take any little movements that feel good to you here. Maybe you allow your knees to fall in towards one another for a nice release in the low back. We’ll, take a little moment to allow ourselves to truly calm down slow your breathing, allow everything to relax and release.

After all, that, hard work we just did being both strong and flexible, is truly an art and a balancing act. So it’s super important to keep up with your flexibility work, as well as your strength, work and cross train your body.

Thank you all for flowing with me today. I hope you enjoyed namaste

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