In this product review video, we check out the Sticky Yoga Mat from 2nd Wind. We will also share the top things to look for if you’re on the market for a sticky mat.

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Sticky mats are one of the original – and most popular – styles of yoga mats. Why? Sticky mats gained so much popularity because of their great traction and grip. But not all sticky mats are created equal . . .

When you’re on the market for a sticky mat, you want to look for quality, eco-friendly materials, top-notch grip and traction, and a great value.

The most striking feature of 2nd Wind’s Sticky Mat is the laser-engraved designs. These designs are unique, eye-catching and intricate, but they are also discreet alignment markers.

These lines are placed intentionally to help you find the proper hand and foot placement in any pose. There’s a center bar that goes down the entire length of the mat, along with a vertical line across the middle to help you find your alignment.

if you want to invest in a versatile, high-quality yoga mat, this is it. This mat is ideal for the experienced yogi with a consistent practice who wants a reliable mat.

We tested out 2nd Wind’s Amethyst Sticky Mat and the results are in! This mat is 100% YogiApproved™. If you want to learn more about this brand, you can check out 2nd Wind.

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