In this product review video, we check out the Folding Yoga Mat and Tote from Wai Lana.

Full-disclosure, we don’t publish negative reviews. If a product doesn’t live up to our standards, we won’t promote it. Everyone has their opinion, this is ours – let’s get started.

Travel yoga mats are perfect travel companions, whether you’re traveling to the beach or across the globe. Most travel mats are simply thinner than regular-sized mats and still roll up the same way.

This travel yoga mat is offered in two colors: solid blue or azure green with a beautiful Wandering Elephant print (featured in the video). It comes with a cloth carrying tote that has a matching elephant print.

Wai Lana calls this mat “eco-friendly PVC.” While there are mixed feelings and mixed reviews about PVC, the Wai Lana website states that this mat is phalate-free, latex-free and made from hypoallergenic material.


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