This is from the Yin Yoga class, Simply Yin with Ashley Limehouse. ✨ Take the full class here:

Simply Yin is a slow and steady, deeply calming yoga class. Simply Yin does not use any yoga props, so whether you are traveling, don’t have any props, or simply want to explore a no-props Yin yoga practice, this is the yoga class you’re looking for!

Simply Yin is also a wonderful introduction to the Yin Yoga practice, so if you’re newer to Yin, this is the perfect place to start. Relax and unwind with common Yin Yoga poses that are held for longer periods of time so you can melt into each stretch and nourish your entire body.

This slow, juicy Yin class is the perfect opportunity for you to create a calming vibe for your practice. Light some candles, perhaps play some soft music in the background, and prepare to sink into 40 minutes of pure relaxation and self-care with Ashley.

✅ Take the full class here:

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