can yo give to viewers. My name is dizzy cold. I’m technically the founder of broody yoga. But for me I really view myself as somebody that was listening to a very important message of the evolution of yoga and how badly our bodies were in need of it.

We D is an Indian Marathi words that you secure to something that ‘ S been hidden away or kept secret. It was originally used in reference to Ayurvedic herbs that were called jadi booty 6000 years ago.

When Yoga was founded, the royalty wanted to keep access to these herbs and powerful healing herbs away from the Baskerville ization. They wanted to control people’s, health and keep them away from that part of themselves that gave them power and when I originally found in this passage in 2010, this word kept popping up.

In my in my mind, what does goodie mean? What is goodie beauty is beauty. I and I went on a mission to find out what this word was, that kept coming to me and now, having been teaching this practice for six years and spreading it to over 22 countries certifying over 3,000 instructors.

I realized how powerful this word is and how the practices we do yoga really does help. You find that here too anything that’s. Holding you back from within. I hear all the time that students would embark on this practice.

Maybe it’s in the first class. Maybe it’s in the second class. They find a part of themselves that they didn ‘ T know was missing. They get in touch with that part of themselves that they remembered feeling every day when they were nine years old, waking up and thinking.

What can I do with my life today, the world is my oyster. I’m, so creative. I’m, so in the flow and then, as you get older, and you get more involved in society and parental guidelines, we start to lose touch with who we are so.

My hope is that, through this fundal, you’ll, not only master some of the Buddha yoga technique, but also really start to find that powerful place within where you can get back to your childlike power and who your soul truly is one of the Ways that we do this is through what’s called the spiral structure technique? If you think about a lot of the movements that traditional fitness practices and even traditional yoga, does they’re very linear and they treat the body as if it were a square? I think we’re all clear on the fact that our bodies here farm works, wonderful, and it was in this moment when I first created booty – that I realized we’ve so much time moving our bodies in the linear planes and Overworking certain muscle groups that we’ve ignored some of these deep stabilizers that not only help our bodies move more fluidly and grace beliefs, but truly impact the health of our endocrine system, the balance of our hormone balance of our chakra system.

So the spiral structure technique works in opposing muscle pairs along the cylinder you ‘ Ll, see these spiral, movements from everything from hand, movements to our movement, slight movements, core movements and then taking it one step further to isolate different parts of the body.

In these spiral structure, technique movements, there are so many people on social media and on the internet that try to steer you away from anything that’s, not traditional yoga, and I assure you that our human needs are very different than our 6,000 year Old predecessors, so it is my true hope that you will step onto the mat and be free of judgment not only of me and of mindlessness but free of judging yourself.

This practice of as much about you letting go of how your body is moving and how your skin feels against its own skin. I truly hope you will meet me in the place that I’ve, seen the hundreds of thousands of women, just like you step onto their mat and find that part of themselves that they never knew is missing.

Join me on the mat. Give this practice your all: it can truly transform every aspect of your life. If you let it and let go, I ‘ Ll, see you on that.

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