Hey, guys welcome to your intro to yin yoga today is going to a class that focuses on going deep into your hips hamstrings and glutes. Yin yoga is an amazing style of yoga because its super slow it gets real deep into the connective tissue and usually each pose is held between 2 and 5 min.

However, since this is an intro class were only going to be holding each pose for 1 min your going to need a yoga mat some water, and if you’re interested in learning little more about this style, I’ve included a Bit more of a information in the description below otherwise lets begin.

Ok, guys, beginning today in childs pose exhale. Let go rounding unto all fours naughty kitten roll! Your head around as you move your body arching, the back, then rounding tuck toes under extend into downward dog.

Take a moment to breath letting heels sink into the ground gently walk out the dog exhale rounding into plank. Take it back to downward dog rounding through dpwnward dog round to plank hold chaturanga upward dog opening the chest downward dog reach right, e.

g. up stack hips together. Take big step to the very right side of the mat prepare ourselves for the lizard posture drop left knee to the floor. Roll right, foot to lateral side come down, o elbows or use props under elbows exhale allow the hips to sink low stay with your breath.

Then slowly begin to release come up to hands, walk in foot tuck back toes full high lunge take right leg back up, come to plank upward dog same leg goes up. Take pigeon posture, bring right knee to right thumb.

Hips are square, bring elbows down to pigeon. Each exhale let go of any tension in your body, begin to release exhale shit weight to right, hip swing, back leg, aroung come into next yin posture called shoelace stack knees on top walk hands forward, bring oxygen into your bodies, letting go negative energy slowly.

Lets come up, extend your bottom leg left knee stays on top of it hands go underneath the leg lengthen through the spine exhale from here coming down. We want to keep those hands under the straight knee, walk it out.

Take it to the other side. Left leg reaches up stack. The hips left over right hip, bend top knee big step left side of mat, ready for lizard pose drop back knee to floor. Allow knee to fall away from you, come down into lizard, pose bring left knee to left thumb.

Hips are square, come to elbows pigeon pose long exhale out come up swing leg around stack knees into shoelace posture, exhale come down take spinal twist here, hug knee with left elbow. Look over the right shoulder lengthen through the body swing the top leg around step back into downward dog flow, big hop to top of mat butterfly posture.

Allow yourself to release over the body. Hope opening posture come up. Rounding to mat rock knees, side to side, massage lumber, spine, extend legs to sky keep flexion in feet, go ahead and bring both legs over your head.

If you would like to go one level higher, extend both legs up. Shoulder stand, inversion, posture, inhale, big reach up with arms, gather all that wonderful energy exhale, bring it down one more exhale bring that energy down.

Thank you so much for joining me. I hope you feel relaxed, stretched and calm. Namaste, [, Music, ], hey guys. Welcome to your intro to yin yoga today is going to be yoga class that focuses on going really deep into your hips, your hamstrings and your glutes.

Now you Nyoka is an amazing style of yoga because it’s super slow. It gets real deep into the connective tissue and usually each pose is held between two to five minutes long. However, since this is an intro class, we’re only going to be holding each post for one minute.

You’re, going to need a yoga mat. You’re gonna need some water and, if you guys, are interested in learning a little bit more about this style of yoga, I’ve included a bit more of a description down below so go ahead and have a read.

Otherwise, if you’re ready, let’s. Do it let’s. Do some Yin [ Music, ], okay guys! So we’re, going to begin today in Child’s, Pose reaching the arms forward and then just sitting over to your heels, take a deep breath in exhale [, Music ].

Slowly letting go slowly. Rounding up to your all fours position! Naughty kitten rolling your head around as you move your body with it arching the back and then rounding the spine gently tucking, your toes under and then extending into your downward facing dog, taking a moment to breathe letting your heels sink into the ground.

And then gently begin to walk out your downward dog [ Music ], pressing the heels down deep breath in exhale rounding through to plank hold shoulders over wrists. Take it back to downward dog rounding through, and pike downward-facing dog inhale, rounded to plank hold chaturanga dandasana.

Take it down upward facing dog opening the chest, drop those shoulders away from the ears push back into downward facing dog at this time, reaching your right leg up to the sky, holding for a second flexing your foot, and then we’re, going to Stack your hips so right, hip over left, hip, opening those hips, nice and wide and then from here taking a big wide step to the very right side of your mat.

We’re, going to prepare ourselves for a lizard posture, so you gonna drop your left knee to the floor. Holding here just for a second, the lizard posture is going to be a first Yin position. I’d, like you to roll your right foot to the lateral side, the pinky toe area and then getting into our lizard by coming down to your elbows, or you can also use props under your elbows, such as blocks or two bucks, [ Music.

] take a deep breath in as you exhale allow your hips to sink as low as possible. So you want to think about coming forward with your hips and as you release down in towards the mat, allow that right knee to gently fall away from your body.

Opening out your right, hip, staying here with your breath and letting go into this posture: [, Music, ], [, Music, ] and then slowly from here, we’re, going to begin to release so come on up to your hands and then walk your foot And slightly tuck your back toes lifting into a full high lunge and then taking your right leg right back up to that one legged downward dog inhale exhale come forward to plank chaturanga dandasana upward facing dog, and then exhale downward facing dog same leg reaches up to The sky bending the knee this time, gonna, take our pigeon posture.

So bringing your right knee to your right thumb, hips are square and then slowly from here bring your elbows down to pigeon [, Music ]. We want to make sure the back knees directly at the center of your mat, [ Music ] with each exhale.

Let go of any tension. You may feel in your right: glute, [, Music ]. Let go [ Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ] and now slowly beginning to release lifting your chest up.

First inhale, then exhale shift your weight to that right. Hip. You’re gonna swing, the back leg around and come into our next Ian posture called your shoelace, so the shoelace posture you want to keep both sit bones grounded you’re stacking, your knees on top and then slowly from here.

If you’re comfortable, you can walk your hands forward. Releasing the chest over your legs now, if sitting up straight is more than enough for you today then continue to sit up. You don’t have to come down it’s only if you like to deepen the stretch, [ Music ].

Most importantly, we want to keep your knees as stacked on top of each other as possible, and again we’re, focusing on the breathing bringing oxygen into our muscles into our lungs to our bodies, [, Music, ], letting go of any negativity and attention.

Any frustration, anything that no longer serves you, let it out and let it go: [ Music, ], beautiful guys. Slowly let’s come on up and then from here we’re, going to extend your bottom leg. So your right leg is going to extend your left.

Knee is going to stay stacked over the right knee gonna take your hands underneath your right knee lengthen through the spine, then exhale from here, taking our next ye and posture, allowing your forehead to release over that knee a wonderful stretch for the hamstring we want To keep those hands underneath the straight knee in order to prevent hyperextension of the joints, you [ Music, ], now wonderful! Slowly from here let’s.

Come on up. We’re gonna take our spinal twist, so bring your left knee up to your chest. Hug. The knee look over your left shoulder lengthening through the spine, [ Music, ]. Wonderful coming out! Go ahead, come to Center swing that top leg around bending.

The bottom knee and then stepping back into downward-facing dog, allowing the heels to sing to the floor, inhale exhale come forward to plank chaturanga dandasana upward facing dog on your inhale, exhale downward facing dog, and you can walk it out here for a moment letting go of Any tension in your hamstrings and your legs and then taking it to the other side left leg reaches up stacking.

Those hips left hip over right, hip, bending the top knee wonderful, big step to the very left side of your mat. We’re gonna get our bodies ready for a lizard posture on the other side, so first hold inhale and then exhale.

You may drop that back knee to the floor. Roll your left foot to the lateral side, pinky toe, allow the knee to fall away from you as you come down into your lizard, pose either to your elbows or you can stay up on your hands, allowing that front knee to fall away from your body.

Opening your hip on the left side, [, Music, ], you [, Music, ] and then slowly from here, let’s. Release walk it back up, lift your back knee holding the high lunge make sure the hands are grounded as you take that left leg and you reach it back up to the sky.

Releasing the foot down rounding through to plank chaturanga dandasana, inhale upward, facing dog exhale downward facing dog, same leg, reaches up to the sky, left leg bend your knee and then from here we’re gonna take our pigeon stretch, go ahead and bring Your left, knee to your left thumb hips, are square.

Your back leg is right at the center of the mat come on over to your elbows. If you wish, you can always use props here like pillows or bolsters. If you have one and let your body release over top of it, let yourself go, but all that tension and negativity stored in your glutes release.

Out of your body. Out of your muscles out of your system, [ Music ], inhaling into your nose and long exhale out through your mouth. Let go [ Music, ], [, Music, ], beautiful slowly, let’s, come on up, lift your body and then slowly from here.

Releasing your weight over to that left. Hip swing the right leg around, let’s stack your knees over top of each other or do your best make sure the hips are square inhale exhale, take yourself down to shoelace, please don ‘

T worry: if you can’t stack your knees on top of each other. It will come just do your best in getting into this position and hold it over time. Your body will let go and allow you to go deeper and deeper.

Each time find the patience within yourself find your patience for your body, find your patience for the mind: [ Music, ], [, Music, ], you [, Music, ], wonderful, guys! Let’s! Slowly. Release lift yourself up extending that bottom leg.

Your left leg. Keep your right knee stacked over top hands, underneath the knee inhale and exhale taking your body over feeling that deep stretch through the hamstring making sure your front foot is flexed.

That way, you’re gonna feel the stretch into the calf muscle as well: [, Music, ], [, Music, ]. Slowly, let’s. Release and taking our spinal twist here, go ahead and lift your right knee up hug. The knee with your left elbow looking over your right shoulder lengthening through the body holding [, Music, ] and then slowly from here, let’s.

Release swinging that top leg around bending the bottom knee. Let’s, step back into the downward-facing dog rounding through to plank chaturanga dandasana, inhale upward, facing dog exhale downward facing dog and then taking a big hop to the top of your mat.

We’re gonna make our way down to our mats now enter a butterfly posture, bringing the soles of your feet together. Heels close together. Allow yourself to release over top of those legs knees apart and breathe, a great deep hip opening posture, [ Music ], and it’s time to release slowly rolling yourself up, bringing your knees together and then rounding through the spine.

As you come all the way to your mat, a gentle rock with the knee side to side massaging the lumbar spine and then slowly from here extending your legs up to the sky, keeping the flexion in your feet. Walking up and down the back of your legs and if you’re comfortable, you can go ahead and try bringing your feet over your head feeling.

A gentle stretch in your back supporting your hips and if you’d, like to go one level higher see if you can extend into your shoulder, stand a great inversion posture to lower the blood pressure. Slowly, releasing your feet back, release the hands and rolling down through each vertebra of your spine until your whole back is on the floor and then releasing your feet over to the mat and taking your bridge posture, lifting your hips up to the sky, squeezing your glutes.

Just holding here a great count of stretch to the shoulder stand: slowly, release the spine, bring the knees back to your chest, reaching your left arm over your head rolling over to your left side and then slowly.

Coming back to your seated position, inhale big reach up to the sky, with your hands gather all that wonderful energy exhale, bring it down to your heart. One more hold exhale bring that energy into your heart.

Thank you guys so much for joining me and our wonderful young practice today. I hope you feel relaxed, stretched and calm can’t, wait to see you soon again: namaste [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [ Applause, ].


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